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#goals. #fitfam #newyearnewyou #sidehustle. Are you tired yet? I sure was. After years of pursuing the perfect body, the high paying career, the prettiest house, and creating time for my true passion - I was DONE. I was tired. I couldn't break the habits that chained me from life a life of fullness, I missed out on life's most joyful moments in order to protect and achieve my goals, I usually never met these goals and desires but even if I did, I felt emptier than when I started. My happiness was rooted on the temporary status of where I was that day. It was shallow and it was unfulfilling. But I realized... it didn't have to be this way. I can be enough even if I don't reach the "end goal" - but I also have the freedom and can create the tools to reach those big, scary passions of mine. I just had to get honest with myself, lay down the pressure to perform, and step in the light of TRUTH - realizing no matter what I'm pursuing, I'm enough as I am. It isn't until we start from this place of worthiness that we will THEN be able to form new habit, break old ones, and start living in the reality of who we were made to be. You don't have to stay stuck or throw in the towel, you can pick yourself up and be different. We have that power to CHOOSE the path of light and freedom. So I hope you'll join me in weekly sit down chats and conversations with other women about finding freedom in the pursuit of life's biggest or smallest goals, by starting from a place of radiance, wholeness and being enough, rather than trying to achieve these things through perfect performance. I'm Sam and this is The Radiance Podcast.

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